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What Jane Jacobs Got Wrong About Cities

By Joel Kotkin The peerless urban theorist misunderstood the suburbs and failed to see how gentrification would make urban neighborhoods unaffordable to all but the rich. Few people have had more influence on thinking about cities than the late Jane Jacobs. The onetime New Yorker turned Torontonian, Jacobs, who died in 2006, has become something […]

Why Some Cities Are Better For Minorities Than Others

Jacksonville, Florida, wins the prize for best American city – for Latinos. A study by the Center for Opportunity Urbanism determined which U.S. cities are most welcoming to minorities. It considered affordable housing, median household incomes, self-employment rates and population growth. Joel Kotkin, executive director of the Center for Opportunity Urbanism, discusses the study findings […]

The California Dream has Moved Away

By Wendell Cox Southern California faces a serious middle income housing affordability crisis. I refer to middle income housing, because this nation has become so successful in democratizing property ownership that the overwhelming majority of middle income households own their own homes in most of the country. Nonetheless, it is assumed that all these households […]

Dispersion and Concentration in Metropolitan Employment

By Wendall Cox The just released County Business Patterns indicates a general trend of continued employment dispersion to the newer suburbs (principally the outer suburbs) and exurbs but also greater concentration in the central business districts of the 52 major metropolitan areas in the United States (over 1 million population in 2013). County Business Patterns […]

Greenhouse Gas Regulation and Climate Change

California Environmental Quality Act, Greenhouse Gas Regulation and Climate Change “…even the complete elimination of state GHG emissions will have no measurable effect on climate change risks unless California-style policies are widely adopted throughout the United States, and particularly in other countries that now generate much larger GHG emissions.” Find out how legislation and California […]