SEPTA Transit Bus

Latest Transit Ridership Data for Houston and Dallas

Average transit ridership nationwide remains down 33.4% in September compared to pre-Covid levels, but Houston Metro is doing better.
Second Dwelling Units may help ease housing unaffordability in urban areas, but are prohibited by deed restrictions in many cities.

Why Houston is Better with TIRZs, and Minimal Zoning Restrictions

by Tory Gattis — Houston's TIRZs (tax-increment reinvestment zones) may provide more opportunity for middle and working class families to find affordable housing than typical urban zoning practices.
Today's cities face an uncertain future if they do not adapt and change

Do Cities Have a Future?

by Joel Kotkin — Today the world’s great cities, such as New York or London, face dramatically changed conditions, notably the rise of remote work, fears from the pandemic, and rising crime.
Houston, TX HOV lane on Highway 69

Spiraling Admin Costs + Strong Toll Revenue Recovery at HCTRA

Toll revenue recovery at Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) is strong, but admin costs have skyrocketed since 2020.
Inner KATY BRT Plan

Metro’s Inner Katy BRT Plan, and Urban Exodus Trend

by Tory Gattis — Metro's Inner Katy BRT plan looks good except for TXDoT's duplicative plans for vehicle traffic lanes to replace lost access to existing HOV lanes. And, the urban exodus continues.
Increased dispersion as people move from densely populated urban cores, to smaller communitiesWendell Cox, used with permission

Census 2021 Estimates: Increased Dispersion

by Wendell Cox — Increased dispersion began before COVID, but accelerated in 2021 with what the Census Bureau characterized as “a shift from larger, more populous counties to medium and smaller ones.”
Aerial view of suburbs

Houston #1 for Standard of Living, Debunking the 15 Minute City, and More

by Tory Gattis — Houston offers the highest standard of living in the country (discretionary income after costs), especially among growing cities. And, Alain Bertaud debunks the "15-minute city."
405 Transportation Plan

Can Houston Avoid L.A.’s Mobility Disaster?

Over the past 20 years, Los Angeles County drastically curtailed highway improvements and poured massive resources into expanding public transit. The result: disaster. Why do Harris County officials want to bring Los Angeles-style transportation planning to Houston?
The Next American Cities, a report from Urban Reform Institute

The Next American Cities, a New Report from Urban Reform Institute

by Charles Blain — Our recently released report, The Next American Cities, offers an answer to the problems plaguing those living in and near major cities, with a combination of affordability, amenities, and proximity to jobs.
I 45N Expansion Plan

What the Katy Managed Lanes Tell Us About the NHHIP 45N Expansion

by Tory Gattis — This week we have a post from Oscar Slotboom on on the effectiveness of managed lanes and why they're so critical to the 45N expansion plan in Houston, TX.