Future of Cities Series: Conclusion

The Future of Cities: Conclusion

Over five millennia, cities have demonstrated their essential resiliency. They now are transforming to a pattern based on digital commuting.
Next Generation American Suburbs

The Future of Cities: Next Generation American Suburbs

Next generation suburbs can be designed to preserve the environment, and advantage that urban core cities could never achieve.
Utah and Salt Lake City Policy Innovations in Homelessness, Poverty and Health Care

The Future of Cities: Utah Policy Innovations in Homelessness, Poverty and Health

The proper size of government permeates public policy discussions about homelessness, poverty, and health care. The left and right debate varying degrees of government involvement, typically failing to act and often deteriorating into a state of policy paralysis.
METRO's Inner Katy BRT Plan, figure 3

Update for METRO’s Inner Katy BRT Plan

In January Houston's METRO received a Categorical Exclusion (CATEX) determination for the Inner Katy Bus Rapid Transit project from the Federal Transit Administration. This will allow the project to proceed to construction without further years of environmental assessment.
The Future of Cities Series: A New Path for Black Urban Voters?

The Future of Cities: A New Path for Black Urban Voters?

For decades, a large majority of black Americans have aligned with the Democratic Party, but the modern-day Democratic Party's leftward shift may cause a reevaluation of that relationship. The welfare of black people has not been made better from their support of the Democratic Party.

The Future of Cities: False Dawn – The Future of Work and Cities After the Illusions of Globalization

The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of remote work, and partial de-globalization have shattered neoliberal narratives about the future of work and cities. A consensus about what will replace it has yet to emerge.
Reason interviews Tory Gattis about Houston's affordability and lack of zoning

Reason Interviews Tory Gattis About Houston’s Affordability

Reason interviews me (Tory Gattis) about Houston's unorthodox, unzoned approach to land-use regulation and how it reduces our homelessness, as well as my suggested solution for zoned cities.
Future of Cities Series: Housing Unaffordability – How We Got There and What To Do About It

The Future of Cities: Housing Unaffordability – How We Got There and What to Do About It

Until 1970, owner-occupied housing was broadly affordable in the U.S.A., at a price-to-income ratio of 2.6. The housing unaffordability of today is evidence that supply has not kept up with demand.
School Choice Week – students supporting TeachersGage Skidmore, used under CC 2.0 License

The Decisive Argument for School Choice

The best argument for school choice: in states that have implemented it, public schools for low-income students have gotten dramatically better even while not losing many students!
Future of Cities Series: California's Inland Empire

The Future of Cities: California’s Inland Empire

It's always been a mug's fame to best against New York City, which was counted out only to quickly bounce back after 9/11 and again in 2008 after the financial system nearly collapsed.