Houston Metro Transit Bus

BRT Should Use Shared Not Dedicated Lanes, HTX #1 real estate market, and more

METRO's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan should use shared lanes rather than dedicated lanes to minimize traffic congestion.
The rebuild of 45N could hasten the demise of downtown Houston

Is the 18 year Rebuild of 45N a Good Thing or Will it Kill Downtown?

Will the two decades long rebuild of 45N eventually ease traffic, or will it cause employers to move to the suburbs and permanently shift to remote work, killing economic vitality in the downtown area of Houston?
Texas' licensing burden

Texas’ Burdensome Licensing Requirements

Texas ranks as the 18th most burdensome state for licensing requirements despite recent attempts to address overly burdensome occupational licensing.
International housing affordability, a suburban development in the U.S.

Demographia International Housing Affordability – 2023 Edition Released

Demographia International Housing Affordability rates middle-income housing affordability in 92 major housing markets in eight nations: Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States). This edition covers the third quarter (September quarter) of 2021.
Houston sneaking backdoor zoning ordinance

City of Houston Sneaking Through Backdoor Zoning

The City of Houston is trying to sneak through backdoor zoning with an ordinance authorizing "conservation districts". This legislation is open for public comment: we've included the link to make your opposition heard.
Texas' $31BN Storm Barrier - known as the Ike Dike

Empty Downtowns, Blue-state Exodus Continues, and HTX Port Expansion

Empty downtowns persist as data shows strong economic incentives to continue the work-from-home revolution if jobs allow it, plus Houston port expansion seems to be paying off.
Pearland Town Center

Assessed Value of Pearland Overstated $1.3 Billion

The City of Pearland finds itself in an uncertain position after it was discovered that the taxable value of the city, used to calculate revenues and tax rates, was overstated by roughly $1.3 billion because of a “worksheet error.”
Houston #1 Standard of Living

Houston #1 Standard of Living Globally, HTX vs LA, and more

by Tory Gattis — Houston has the highest purchasing power at the lowest cost-of-living in the world... aka the highest standard of living in the world.

Demographia United States Housing Affordability – 2022 Edition Released

Demographia United States Housing Affordability rates housing affordability using the median multiple, a measurement of income in relation to housing prices, or 189 major markets (metropolitan areas) for the third quarter of 2021.
Post Houston busy with a diverse crowd in Houston

Post HTX Diversity, Housing Costs Hurt Education and more

by Tory Gattis — Big increases in housing costs since 2000 have likely eaten most of the wage premium return from getting a college education, reducing the incentive to invest in education.