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Opportunity Urbanism: Creating Cities for Upward Mobility

By Joel Kotkin… Over the past decade, we have witnessed the emergence of a new urban paradigm that both maximizes growth and provides greater upward mobility. We call this opportunity urbanism, an approach that focuses largely on providing the best policy environment for both businesses and individuals to pursue their aspirations. Although contrary to much […]

Opportunity Urbanism – Policy Framework

By Tory Gattis… An Emerging Paradigm for the 21st Century. Opportunity Urbanism’s Tory Gattis outlines a framework for cities to better empower citizens to accomplish these four enablers for upward social mobility: Additional education for self or children Getting a better job (superior skills match, improved productivity and pay) Starting a business Affordable home ownership […]

Are We Heading for an Economic Civil War?

By Joel Kotkin Forget that red state-blue state stuff. The real chasm dividing the U.S. is economic, with one economy for industry and one for tech, and the friction between them is getting fierce. When we speak about the ever-expanding chasm that defines modern American politics, we usually focus on cultural issues such as gay […]

The Houses Americans Choose to Buy

By Wendell Cox The US preference for detached housing remains strong, according to the newest data just released in the 2014 American Community Survey, by the United States Census Bureau. In 2014, detached house and represented 82.4 percent of owned housing in the United States. This is up 1.8 percentage points from the 80.6 percent […]

Kotkin, Cox: Light rail in the Sun Belt is a poor fit

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox There is an effective lobby for building light rail, including in cities such as Houston. But why build light rail? To reduce car use? To improve mobility for low-income citizens? This certainly seems a worthwhile objective, with the thousands of core-city, low-income residents whose transit service cannot get them […]