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Policing with Velvet Gloves

By Anne Snyder “We’ve got a lady that’s cut­ting her­self with a knife right now.” Of­ficer Ernie Stevens looks at the laptop that’s blink­ing with this shift’s first call. His part­ner in the driver’s seat, Of­ficer Joe Smarro, punches the ad­dress in­to the GPS. “Hold her down un­til we get there. Then we’ll take over […]

The End of Localism

By Joel Kotkin… This could be how our experiment with grassroots democracy finally ends. World leaders—the super-rich, their pet nonprofits, their media boosters, and their allies in the global apparat—gather in Paris to hammer out a deal to transform the planet, and our lives. No one asks much about what the states and the communities, […]

The Cities Doing the Most to Address the U.S. Housing Shortage

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox America is suffering from the severest undersupply of housing since the end of the Second World War. Although population growth has slowed significantly since the 1950s and 1960s, production has slowed down even more so. It’s not surprising that homebuilding declined after the housing bubble burst in 2008, but from […]


By Rick Harrison Will new American housing growth continue to reflect old methods, or will the land development, home building, and consulting industry retool, re-educate, and collaborate to create a new era of more attractive, livable, efficient, and environmentally responsible growth at attainable prices? Here is why it would be so significant to make a […]