Building the New America: Report on trends shaping the migration of people and jobs

Report: Building the New America

How do we build a new urban model for America — one that is better aligned with the aspirations of most Americans? This newly released report examines the housing trends that are driving today's migration of people and jobs.
Downtown Sacramento

The House Prices are Too Damned High

By Wendell Cox — Rents have risen faster than incomes, but nothing compared to the increase in house prices. Clearly, house prices are too damn high. The huge increase in house prices between 1969 and 2015 is an anomaly that has become extreme.

Urban Containment, Endangered Working Families and Beleaguered Minorities

By Wendell Cox — Urban containment efforts, in the form of excessive land use regulation to stop development on the urban periphery a key to shortage of affordable housing.
Local Government at City Hall

Local Govt. Control: The Ignored Campaign Issue

Localism - the Ignored Issue In an election cycle full of…

Our Town: Restoring Localism

In this report, COU addresses the question of how to meet society’s primary challenges. Is it most effective to try and solve our myriad problems from a central federal, state or regional authority, or from a more local one?

The States Gaining And Losing The Most Migrants — And Money

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — When comparing the health of state economies, we usually look at employment and incomes. Another critical indicator worth closer attention is where Americans choose to move, and the places they are leaving.

The future of Mobility

John Sanphillippo examines the new and emerging trends in urban mobility, from van pools to self-driving vehicles and mass transit.

UBERPOOL & LYFTLINE: How the New Carpools Will Change Travel

How will new carpool options like LyftLine and UberPool affect…

A ‘diet’ to give California drivers indigestion

California's proposed “road diet” legislation aims to make congestion so terrible that people will be forced out of their cars and onto transit. It’s not planning for how to make the ways people live today more sustainable.

In Praise of Urban Sprawl

By Shlomo Angel Dense urban living discourages child rearing.…

How to Make Cities Livable Again

By Joel Kotkin — In his new book, The Human City, Daily Beast columnist Joel Kotkin looks at the ways cities succeed or fail...