Martha's Vineyard neighborhood

What Martha’s Vineyard Represents

by Cruz García — On the night of September 14, two planes carrying 50 Venezuelan asylees landed in Martha’s Vineyard sent by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
Opposition to public funding makes the Texas High Speed Rail project increasingly unlikely.

Texas High Speed Rail: The End or Not?

by Wendell Cox — In 2012, Texas Central Railway announced a plan to build a high speed rail line from Dallas to Houston. However, local opposition and lack of funding resources means the rail project now seems unlikely.
2020 General Election, Latino Voters

How Race Politics Misses the Mark for Latino Voters

by Cruz García – Latino voters should be approached as swing voters with no real loyalties to neither Democrats nor Republicans for the 2022 midterm election.
Suburbia in the city of Chandler

Why Suburbia Will Decide the Future

by Joel Kotkin — As the U.S. population increasingly moves to suburbia, these shifts in population are rewriting the present and future political map.
Aerial view of suburbs

New Book: Houston as the Bold Case Against Zoning

A new book by M. Nolan Gray cites the Houston city model makes a bold case against zoning.
SH 146 construction, Houston

Comparing the Inflating Costs of Houston Highways vs. Transit

Inflation is causing huge cost increases for all types of infrastructure projects; this week we compare Houston highway vs. transit cost inflation.
Shinkansen "bullet" train, high-speed rail

The Death of Texas High-Speed Rail

The death of Texas high-speed rail looks imminent based on the recent news of the CEO's departure, but the economics never made sense unless Japan was willing to heavily subsidize the program in order to show off their trains in America (hoping for future sales).

Webinar: RCLCO and Urban Reform Institute Discuss Next American Cities

On Thursday, April 28th, join the webinar as RCLCO and Urban Reform Institute discuss the Next American Cities, emerging cities that reflect a new kind of suburbanization.

How to Fix American Capitalism

by Tory Gattis — Millennials may not fully grasp the consequences of the government owning the means of production, but they certainly don’t like how American capitalism is working for them. They have a point.
Houston, city of the future

2021 Highlights

by Tory Gattis — Houston #3 for wage growth in the last year, maybe around the goldilocks zone of not too low or too high (which drives inflation).