How will the future of cities look?

A Series of Essays on the Urban Future

The Future of Cities

It’s always been a mug’s fame to bet against New York City, which was counted out only to quickly bounce back after 9/11 and again in 2008 after the financial system nearly collapsed and took the world economy with it. But too many New Yorkers, caught in a wave of optimism after getting through the worst of the pandemic, haven’t realized how challenging the years ahead will likely be, how far behind the national recovery the city already is, and how much deeper the problems go than those COVID-19 exposed and exacerbated.

This book is being published as a series, with permission of the American Enterprise Institute. Each week a new chapter will be published, with links to each chapter.

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The Evolution of New York City Politics – Harry Siegel (new this week)

Harry Siegel is a columnist for the New York Daily News and the creator and cohost of the FAQ NYC podcast.

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I. The Big Picture for Global Geography

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The Urban Future: The Great Dispersion – Wendell Cox

The Future of the Big American City is Not Bright – Samuel J. Abrams

II. The Variety of Urban Experiences

The Future of Chinese Cities – Li Sun

Africa’s Urban Future – Hügo Krüger and Bheki Mahlobo

Recalibrating Expectations: Lessons from Youngstown, Ohio – Sherry Lee Linkon and John Russo

Indianapolis – Aaron M. Renn

The Texas Triangle: An Emerging Metropolitan Model in the Lone Star State – J. H. Cullum Clark