Austin Downtown July 4th

Houston’s Ugliness Serves a Purpose, Austin = next Silicon Valley?

Just a few items this week:

Cities employment growth 2010-2020

“In LA, for example, rail lines costing at least $20 billion have been built since 1990, yet transit ridership dropped by one-quarter on the core Los Angeles county transit system from its 1985 peak to 2019. Yet population has increased 20 percent.”

Finally, a fun little comment I posted on Market Urbanism Report’s Facebook page (humorously responding to another commenter calling Houston ugly) that Scott chose to tweet:

Houston may be ugly, but that ugliness serves a purpose. It’s how the city keeps the meddling pretentious aesthete NIMBY Karens away.

This piece first appeared at Houston Strategies Blog

Tory Gattis is a Founding Senior Fellow with the Houston-based Urban Reform Institute – A Center for Opportunity Urbanism, and writes the Houston Strategies blog.