NBA Playoffs to be Held in Houston During April Lockdown

Moving quickly to take advantage of another month of national lockdown for the COVID-19 virus, the NBA announced today an unprecedented plan to restart their season with nearly continuous playoff games on TV throughout April.
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Stop Bagby Closure, Oil Import Tariffs, MaX Lanes, Covid-19 vs Density vs Heat

Want to stop closure of the Bagby and Brazos entrance/exit to/from the 59 Spur? There's now a opposition website to the closure where you can sign the petition.

The Best Posts from the First 15 Years and 1.5 Million Pageviews

This week marks the first 15 years of Houston Strategies with our 1,280th post. We're also up to more than 1.5 million pageviews, not counting views at Houston Chronicle and elsewhere.

Solving the anti-vaxer problem, Houston’s dynamic culture, TX #1 food state but needs VC, city govt vision vs. competence, and CA ineptness

Gattis suggests Houston could auction off up to 5% exemptions from vaccinations to save those exemptions for those who cannot be vaccinated. On a more celebratory note...Texas just ranked number 1 food state; could it be the BBQ?

Discouraging Panhandling, Airport Wag Brigade, 6-Figure Incomes, and More

Gattis urges Houston to discourage panhandling in favor of promoting comprehensive charitable services and to get a wag brigade of cuties roaming area airports for PR buzz that money can't buy. Airport therapy pig, anyone?

Protecting Residents from Dangerous Industrial Businesses, Reducing Crime, Street Parking for Mixed-Use Retail, and Rethinking Vision Zero

This week's Houston Strategies is focused on several topics: protecting residents from dangerous industrial businesses, reducing crime, street parking for mixed-use retail businesses, and rethinking Vision Zero plans.

Converting 59 Spur into Park, housing crisis drives socialism, and could Houston Get Google?

by Tory Gattis — Houston's consideration of turning the Bagby and Brazos portions of Spur 527 off 59 into a park, how the housing crisis drives socialism and more.

Nobody Wants to Leave Houston!

Nobody wants to leave Houston!  Well, I might be exaggerating a bit, but this CityLab piece shows Houston as the 9th most popular city for inbound apartment searches, but it doesn't even make the top 20 for outbound apartment searches.

Houston Is Now Less Affordable Than New York City?!

Texas Monthly claims that Houston is now less affordable than New York City - but they're ignoring what you get for the same cost. In NYC, you might get a cramped apartment with roommates vs. your own house in Houston.
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METRO Board Considering Elimination of Transit Fares

Houston's METRO board is considering of doing away with transit fares, making buses and trains free for everyone. KPRC interviews Tory Gattis as they report on the story.