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METRO Board Considering Elimination of Transit Fares

Houston's METRO board is considering of doing away with transit fares, making buses and trains free for everyone. KPRC interviews Tory Gattis as they report on the story.
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Would Free Transit Incentivize More Riders?

Transit agencies around the country, including in Houston, are considering whether to eliminate or reduce their transit fares. Tory Gattis from the Center for Opportunity Urbanism said he’s been encouraging METRO to take a fresh look at its fares.
Houston Employment Forecast 2020

Three perfect days in HTX, growth forecasts, increasing our density, reducing homelessness, protesting property taxes, and more

The Greater Houston Partnership has released its 2020 Employment Forecast.  Only time will tell if their vision is 20/20... (sorry, couldn't help myself! ;-)
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2019 Highlights

by Tory Gattis — Time for our annual roundup of the best posts of the year 2019. Looking at the list, I think it was a very good year relative to most of my others.  Hard to believe we're coming up on the 15th anniversary of this blog.
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Why METRO Should Eliminate Transit Fares

by Tory Gattis — The big item this week is my mention in this Chronicle article for getting Metro to reconsider spending $100 million on new fare-collection equipment while they're still looking at going completely fareless
2019 World Series Poster

World Series Houspitality, HTX #1 for entrepreneurship higher ed, cities Americans are leaving, Austin’s fantasy, and more

by Tory Gattis — Houston Region May Account for Majority of Economic Gains in Texas over the next 25 years - roughly 30% of the state's growth, which is more than Dallas' 24%, but less than DFW combined.
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Promoting the Houston model in South Africa, Morocco, and California

I'm back! Apologies for the sporadic posts in October - it was…
Proposed autonomous transit vehicle

Proposing an Autonomous Transit Service for Houston

Tory Gattis covers transit issues: Houston needs a forward-thinking solution when planning transit that will be in place for the upcoming decades. Autonomous vehicles are that solution and Houston can be the leader in pioneering autonomous systems for public transit..
What $800K buys in San Francisco vs. San Antonio

Ten Worst Things About Houston, Best State Rankings, Economic Diversification, and SF vs. TX Homes

Tory Gattis covers the Ten Worst Things About Houston, Best State Rankings, Economic Diversification, and SF vs. TX Homes in this weekly roundup. Texas ranked near the top for residents that feel their state is the best place to live: standard of living and trust in state government are key reasons.
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Should You Vote for MetroNext 2040?

Back in January, I wrote an op-ed in the Chronicle giving MetroNext's…