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More on How Density and Transit Relate to the Pandemic

by Tory Gattis — The last week has been crazy, with many new items coming over the wire, related to last week's post on how density and transit relate to the pandemic.
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How Density and Transit Relate to the Pandemic

by Tory Gattis — Our main theme this week is the relationship between density, transit, and the pandemic: it's now clear that the exposure density from how we live, work and get around fueled the pandemic.
The "Darth Vader" house in West University

Our Double Black Swan, Density vs. Pandemic, and More

Houston has been reeling from oil-market chaos and a coronavirus shutdown. Houston CFO Chris Brown has taken to calling the city's situation a “double black swan.”
Declining new coronavirus cases in Houston area

Virus declining, future of cities, a gathering place park for Houston, and more

by Tory Gattis — Hope everyone is staying safe - things are starting to look pretty good here in Houston, let's hope the trend of virus cases declining holds
Texas Pumpjack

The Oil Crash Solution, Sprawl vs. COVID-19, and More

by Tory Gattis — An oil crash solution: a guaranteed price floor for U.S. oil producers would prevent job losses for skilled engineers and multibillion-dollar bailouts for U.S. oil companies; strengthen our energy security and accelerate our clean energy transition.

Houston is ‘Chaotic Good’ and #2 in Population and Corporate Growth

A fun item to end the week with: Nolan Gray's alignment chart for cities, with Houston perfectly positioned at Chaotic Good due to our lack of zoning.

NBA Playoffs to be Held in Houston During April Lockdown

Moving quickly to take advantage of another month of national lockdown for the COVID-19 virus, the NBA announced today an unprecedented plan to restart their season with nearly continuous playoff games on TV throughout April.
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Stop Bagby Closure, Oil Import Tariffs, MaX Lanes, Covid-19 vs Density vs Heat

Want to stop closure of the Bagby and Brazos entrance/exit to/from the 59 Spur? There's now a opposition website to the closure where you can sign the petition.

The Best Posts from the First 15 Years and 1.5 Million Pageviews

This week marks the first 15 years of Houston Strategies with our 1,280th post. We're also up to more than 1.5 million pageviews, not counting views at Houston Chronicle and elsewhere.

Solving the anti-vaxer problem, Houston’s dynamic culture, TX #1 food state but needs VC, city govt vision vs. competence, and CA ineptness

Gattis suggests Houston could auction off up to 5% exemptions from vaccinations to save those exemptions for those who cannot be vaccinated. On a more celebratory note...Texas just ranked number 1 food state; could it be the BBQ?