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City Spotlight: Austin, Texas

Center for Opportunity Urbanism takes a look at Austin, Texas to understand why its attracting an emerging generation of people and businesses.

Podcast: Restoring Social Capital with Localism

AEI’s Ryan Streeter welcomes Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) to deliver an address on the JEC’s Social Capital Project. Joel Kotkin joins the panel conversation on how a federalist landscape could serve to expand innovation.

The New American Heartland

May 18, 2017 – Join us for a discussion on the economic opportunities and challenges facing America’s heartland, to be moderated by Joel Kotkin, Executive Director of the Center for Opportunity Urbanism.

What kind of city do residents want?

by Utah League of Cities and Towns

Dense is not necessarily desirable when it comes to planning a city. That’s the opinion of a man who is internationally recognized as an authority on economic, political and social trends…

Texas Way of Urbanism

In The Texas Way of Urbanism, COU investigates the economic and demographic growth of the ‘Texas Triangle’, formed by Dallas-Fort Worth at its northern point; Houston at its southeastern edge on the Gulf Coast; and Austin-San Antonio at its western tip in Central Texas.

Joel Kotkin on the Middle Class

In this video Joel Kotkin, Executive Director of the Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism, and Richard Florida discuss the benefits of cities and suburbs, and what they can offer for the middle class and families.