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Houston Is Now Less Affordable Than New York City?!

Texas Monthly claims that Houston is now less affordable than New York City – but they’re ignoring what you get for the same cost. In NYC, you might get a cramped apartment with roommates vs. your own house in Houston.

Would Free Transit Incentivize More Riders?

Transit agencies around the country, including in Houston, are considering whether to eliminate or reduce their transit fares. Tory Gattis from the Center for Opportunity Urbanism said he’s been encouraging METRO to take a fresh look at its fares.

Cities, Suburbs, and the New America

by SMU Video — SMU-Cox Folsom Institute for Real Estate, the SMU Economics Center, and the Center for Opportunity Urbanism presented a lively discussion on Cities, Suburbs, and the New America, and Minorities, Immigrants, and Millennials in America’s Favorite Geography.