Cities, Suburbs, and the New America

by SMU Video — SMU-Cox Folsom Institute for Real Estate, the SMU Economics Center, and the Center for Opportunity Urbanism presented a lively discussion on Cities, Suburbs, and the New America, and Minorities, Immigrants, and Millennials in America’s Favorite Geography.
The Hollywood Sign, as seen from a nearby trail.

Homelessness in Hollywood

by Alicia Kurimska — The allure of Los Angeles may be good weather, beaches, and the glam of Hollywood. However, the area has about 50,000 who are currently experiencing homelessness. This video examines the extreme inequality of the area.
California's highspeed rail project

Joel Kotkin interviewed by Reason about California’s high speed rail project.

Reason interviews Joel Kotkin about California’s high speed rail project and current Gov. Gavin Newsom's recent announcement that he would scale back the project.
Joel Kotkin (right) moderates the discussion at the AEI Conference on Localism in America

AEI Seminar: Localism in America

Joel Kotkin moderates a panel discussion on the topic of Localism in America, a collection of essays about the promise and limits of taking on big challenges at the local level.
Tory Gattis speaks at HGAC Workshop

MAX Lanes: Handling High Capacity Traffic

Tory Gattis, Founding Senior Fellow of Center for Opportunity Urbanism, gave a presentation on MaX Lanes to HGAC High Capacity Transit Task Force.
Houston Downtown

City Spotlight: Houston, Texas

Center for Opportunity Urbanism explores Houston, Texas to understand how it's enabling the American Dream for people of all backgrounds.

City Spotlight: Austin, Texas

Center for Opportunity Urbanism takes a look at Austin, Texas to understand why its attracting an emerging generation of people and businesses.
Capitol Dome at dusk

Podcast: Restoring Social Capital with Localism

AEI’s Ryan Streeter welcomes Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) to deliver an address on the JEC's Social Capital Project. Joel Kotkin joins the panel conversation on how a federalist landscape could serve to expand innovation.
Aerial view of San Antonio

City Spotlight: San Antonio, Texas

Center for Opportunity Urbanism takes a look at San Antonio, Texas to see why its quickly becoming a leading American city.

Who decides: Localism and Subsidiarity

In this video Leo Linbeck III discusses the state of American governance and how to correct our problems.